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Safe Senior Travel

March 27, 2024
Safe Senior Travel
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by Binnie Alwine, professional travel agent with Luxe Travel, Irvine, CA

Safe senior travel is the focus of this article but travelers of any age can be preyed upon on while on the road. Seniors are favorite targets.  Heeding these few tips can help to insure that your journeys are safe.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Pay attention to people around you.  Beware of groups of children who can distract you while others pick your pockets.  Keep belongings like your cross body bag under your control at all times.
  • Never exchange money except at a bank or reputable hotel.
  • Do not take a lot of foreign money with you.  Just enough for incidentals, taxis, tips and purchases in small stores or in the countryside.
  • Use a travel agent.  What if things go wrong?  Anyone can get flummoxed but keeping seniors safe when they travel is essential.  Where do you turn?  There is no advocate to help when you are dealing with online businesses.  When you use a travel agent you have an assistant to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Copy that!  Make copies of your passport, airline tickets and carry backup medications.  Never pack medications, passports and documents in your checked luggage.
  • For more tips, check out ‘Safe Travels No Matter Your Age or Gender’