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Safe Travel No Matter Your Age or Gender

January 2, 2024
Safe Travel No Matter Your Age or Gender
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Safer Travel No Matter Your Age or Gender

Anyone, man or woman, who has ever traveled solo can tell you that there are times when you can’t help but cautiously look over your shoulder.   Savvy travelers seem to confidently move around any foreign city or country but if you are a novice or an extra cautious voyager, more and more services are now available for seniors, women and the LGBTQ community.

Even within the United States, social norms vary.  A solo woman walking around Time Square at 1 AM won’t raise any eyebrows but in a more conservative country such as Saudi Arabia this behavior could easily have you questioned by the authorities.  There are steps that one can take before venturing that can help in avoiding uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations.

Specially for You

Single business woman, solo female pleasure seeker, LGBTQ or the adventurous senior -there is a travel service just for you. Organizations such as Harvard Global Support Services,,  provides excellent information for the Harvard community but all their research is available to the public on their website.  The British company, Maiden Voyage, specialized in gender-based travel safety.  They have eLearning modules that cover topics from packing to local etiquette.  Seniors are not letting a few decades under their belts from globe trotting.  Researching the terrain of a destination, insuring that medical services that might be required are available and access to hotel room modifications such as

Safe Housing

After a day of travel, all you want to do is unwind in your hotel room.  Several hostelers throughout the world are offering gender unique accommodations.  Women only floors with community refrigerators stocked with snacks, bathroom lighting that you will actually allow you to apply makeup without looking like a clown and extra security are welcome amenities.  When making housing reservations ask if gender specific rooms/floor are available.  Solo women should ask for rooms that are not at the end of blind hallways and pack a inexpensive doorstop in your bag to block your door at night.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Group tours are a great way of getting the lay of the land.  The overview will allow you to focus in on where you want to explore further.  Getting to know the locals gives you a unique view of your destination but don’t get too chummy.  Never take a drink from someone if you haven’t seen it poured.  Several apps are available that allow you to flag areas of danger and allows you to contact the local authorities.  Try Chirpey, Tripwhistle, Noonlight and Global Secure Resources.

Playing it Safe

Keep valuables in the room safe.  Split up your cash.  Use an app such as Keeper (  It is encrypted and can store all your password, credit card information, photos of important papers and synchs automatically with your other linked devices.  Take photos of all your travel documents and leave the copy somewhere other than on your person.  Care a personal alarm such as a screamer.  These are marvelous when you are walking around town.  They are small, unobtrusive, often sport a small flashlight and could save your life with its ear-piercing alarm.  Don’t carry a large flashy purse or backpacks.   Pickpockets love a free lunch.   Carry ons like the ‘ULTI’ travel/messenger bag by CONMIGO are perfect for keeping your hands free to hold on to what matters to you.  Its plethora of secured pockets keeps you organized.  The dedicated phone compartment on the crossbody shoulder strap ensures that your phone is always easily accessible and safe.  Now you can focus on your trip and not on your gear.  CONMIGO-your new favorite travel essential.