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5 Travel Accessories: Spring Break & Beyond

February 29, 2024
5 Travel Accessories: Spring Break & Beyond
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Travel writer, Debra Pamplin picked 5 items that she feels are essentila for an easier more organized trip.  The ‘ULTI’ Messenger Bag by CONMIGO was one of them!  Read on….

The beginning of March is just around the corner! And with that comes the annual getaway fun of Spring Break. Whether headed down to the Sunshine State or hitting the slopes one more time, these five travel accessories will make any trip a bit easier and a lot more organized.

COR Surf Packing Cube Set

This set of organizational bags works wonders in a travel backpack or a carry-on suitcase. The compression packing cubes come in a pack of either three or four. Both options have a small, medium, and large/shoe bag size, and the four-pack also contains a rectangular packing cube.

Once unzipped, the cubes can open up to 3.5 inches thick. Or, compress them down, zip the sides, and reduce the thickness to 2 inches to save space.

Set includes:

  • Small Compression Packing Cube
  • Medium Size Compression Cube
  • One Large Laundry/Shoe Bag
  • Rectangular Cube ( only in the 4-set option)

Rollink Suitcases

Now that you know how to organize a suitcase, it’s time to order some smart luggage. The Rollink suitcases aren’t just another option in travel accessories. These innovative models are 75 % thinner than the average suitcase and when not in use are collapsible.

We all know the space it can take to store multiple pieces of luggage and that is what makes Rollink stand out. Flatten it and easily store it under the bed until the next trip rolls up.

The Details

  • Three-year warranty
  • Water-resistant, and impact-resistant, featuring polycarbonate hard shells
  • Four options in a variety of colors: large checked, medium checked, International, and domestic carry-on
  • Rollink is a member of the Travel Goods Association


This is a lifesaver for me! I can’t sleep at night with some sort of white noise. Only second to my oscillating fan, the LectroFan/ bluetooth speaker is my ‘have to have’.

While traveling, I can’t always take my oscillating fan, but this speaker provides the fan sound, which is just as good. I’ve grown used to hearing a running fan while sleeping, so this compact, easy-to-tote miniature sound machine allows me to hear the sounds of home.

The compact device offers a large selection of soothing sounds at bedtime, allowing sleep to come easy. After a full day of work, this product is an easy way for me to relax and get my required eight hours. My favorites are the five digital fan sounds. But, options are plentiful. In addition to the multiple fan sounds, there are two ocean surf sounds, along with four variations of pink, brown, and white noise.

Pair this with your smartphone and stream audio, make phone calls with the built-in microphone, or only use it in sleep mode.

While traveling, it is ideal, too. Blocking out noises and giving a sense of home, the LectroFan provides a way to increase sleep quality and relaxation.

The ULTI’ Bag by Conmigo Bags

This is a must-have for any frequent flyer. Organizational, practical, and stylish: three words that properly sum up this bag. Need more descriptive words? How about TSA-compliant, anti-theft, and multi-purpose?

Keep everything tidy and organized within this bag that features:

  • 12 compartments
  • cell phone pocket
  • electronics sleeve for up to a 17-inch laptop
  • seven zippered pockets

Whether at a stadium taking in the game, on a train, or waiting for a flight, this bag offers another form of comfort. Unzip the rear compartment and pull out the ULTI multi-purpose cushion. Place the pad on the bench or chair, attach the nylon straps from the bag to the pad, and have a seat. The bag is securely behind your legs for safety and convenience.

Fashionable Compression Socks

Sure, I know there isn’t much sexy or fashionable about compression socks, but the Dr. Motion knee-high compression socks are a bit of an exception to that rule.

With a variety of cute cat and dog prints, stripes, and solids, there is a look for everyone who wants to stay comfy while styling on long car rides or a flight with a few layovers.

So, these are five products I plan to include in my upcoming trips. Have a ‘must-have’ travel product of your own? Share in comments!

The author received product samples for this article.

by Debra Pamplin as printed in Newsbreak Feb. 27, 2024