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Tips for Taming Time Zones

January 30, 2024
Tips for Taming Time Zones
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Even if you are lucky enough to be ensconced in business class on a cross continent trek, the chances that you will arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed (who ever came up with that phrase???) is slim to none.  No matter where your seat is located, with a few carry-on accoutrements you can arrive ready for whatever adventures  await.

All the Comforts of Home
After several hours into a trip all you really want is for it to be over.  Bringing some small indulgences can make it all better.  Spray facial moisturizer, tooth brush and paste (or at least gum/mints) eye moisturizing drops, hand lotion, comfy socks and layer up. Don’t forget the eye mask and ear plugs

Stay Connected Charging cables, backup battery packs, phone, headphones or ear buds, tablets…whatever it takes to inform, occupy, or distract you from the clock.

Life Can be Beachy

Have a ball when flying.  An inexpensive inflatable beach ball can be used as a pillow, lower back support and a way to prop your legs while massaging your feet at the same time.

‘Swiggin’ High

Staying hydrated is essential.  Small cups of water easily spill.  A sturdy, reusable bottle that is easy to open and closes securely is a must.  Keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum.

Carry the Right Travel Bag 

Staying organized and finding what you need while traveling can be frustrating. Add to that the discomfort of sitting for an extended periods.  It can all lead to the destruction of energy.  Stay comfortable, and organized with our new favorite ‘Can’t Live Without’ travel essential, the ‘ULTI’ travel bag by CONMIGO.  A plethora of secured pockets sporting brightly colored lining makes retrieval of your stuff a snap.  The ‘ULTI’™ messenger bag is the only bag with a built in padded seat for comfort while in transit and doubles as a personal sized portfolio when you arrive.  The seat keeps your backside, legs and back from aching.  Sitting on the pad while in the air or during layovers, serves as a security feature and provides for greater personal space.The ‘ULTI’™ messenger bag gives you first class amenities at coach prices.

Aren’t you worth it? 

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