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Nurturing the Inner Traveler

March 17, 2024
Nurturing the Inner Traveler
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Life and ‘Love Coach’, Alia Jamal, explains why getting away when the world gets too noisy can help you see the world and yourself from a refreshed point of view.

“Travel has been in the DNA of man from day one. It is a testimony to our curious nature and inherent thirst to discover beyond our immediate environment. In the past, we traveled to explore new lands, and find resources to make our life better. Today, we travel to find better opportunities, explore other cultures or to escape whatever is currently going on in our life. Technology allows us to quickly to export ourselves thousands of miles away in just a matter of hours.  Travel has become a popular way to escape from our ever-growing busy lives.

Travel is generally frenetic-search, book, and don’t miss any points of interest! But when outer travel is combined with an inward journey, it’s not busy. It is exhilarating, liberating, adventurous, and spacious. As an expert in our relationship with self, I advise my clients to travel alone, to a new place and combine it with inward travel. This means your plans focus on your heart’s desire.  Where do you want to stay?  It may not be the most popular locale but it speaks to you.

When you embark on your adventure, you are embodying trust that you will arrive everywhere you need to be when you need to be there. Most importantly, when you leave your home, you exit your current version of your life. At the airport, envision whom you want to be when you return. As the plane climbs off the tarmac, release your old self with gratitude. When you land at your destination, you disembark as a blank slate. Now, everything that you touch, every food that you taste, every “hello” that you share, check in with your inner self and ask ‘who are you being in the moment’? Stay in each moment as you explore new places.  Transform into a different version of yourself.

As you board your return flight, be aware of this new version of you. The flight home is the perfect opportunity to explore this new inner self, the one that has been transformed by all the novel experiences. Upon landing, deplane with this new version of you.  Gaze at your old well-known world through transformed eyes.  Continue to nurture this new version of yourself every day.  And whenever life gets too noisy, take another trip that’s outwards and inward. Travel can transform you as a person not just by outward adventure but also by your inner uplifted journey.”…. Alia Jamal

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