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A Parent’s Essential Guide to Safe Student Travel

March 16, 2024
A Parent’s Essential Guide to Safe Student Travel
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As college students gear up for exciting adventures, a mix of pride and worry naturally accompanies them. Amidst the challenges of the 2024 travel season, parents need a guide to safe student travel.

Steering Clear of Common Pitfalls

To safeguard student travelers, it’s imperative to address key mistakes that could mar their experiences. Students must actively avoid financial losses, time wastage, and compromising personal safety to ensure enriching and secure journeys.

Assessing the Current Climate

In an ever-changing world fraught with natural disasters and political unrest, staying informed about global events is crucial for parents. Understanding the current climate enables better preparation, ensuring students can face any challenges that may arise confidently.

Empowering Proactive Planning

Encourage college-bound students to adopt a proactive stance towards their travels. They should conduct comprehensive research on destinations, familiarize themselves with safety records, and actively attend private safety briefings to foster confidence and preparedness.

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Equipping with Preparedness Tools

Prioritizing student travel safety necessitates equipping them with the right gear. Parents should invest in personal emergency GPS technology, anti-theft gear like StashBandz, anti-theft travel bags, and medical travel insurance. Considering memberships to services like Medjet for added protection during emergencies is advisable.

Promoting Protection Strategies

Fostering essential safety skills such as situational awareness and self-defense techniques empowers students to navigate unfamiliar environments with confidence and resilience.

In summary, parents play a vital role in supporting college students as they embark on travel adventures. By emphasizing proactive planning, providing essential tools, and promoting protection strategies, they ensure their safety and peace of mind throughout their journeys. Together, let’s empower young explorers to maximize their experiences while ensuring safety and security.


Author: Carrie Pasquarello, CEO of Global Secure Resources Inc., is a victim advocate with extensive experience in international security and risk mitigation. Drawing from over a decade of living overseas and her experience with the State Department, Carrie has dedicated her career to helping others navigate personal safety. Her company specializes in security protocols and business continuity strategies, with a focus on protecting individuals and their loved ones. Sign up for travel tips at and visit