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A Guide to Keep Your Carry-Ons Fresh and Fabulous!

December 24, 2023
A Guide to Keep Your Carry-Ons Fresh and Fabulous!
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Let’s talk about keeping the unsung heroes of our journeys – our trusty carry-on travel/messenger bags clean, fresh and fabulous! Whether you prefer a soft or hard-sided companion, maintaining its cleanliness is essential for a seamless travel experience. Here’s a quick guide to keep your luggage looking and feeling brand new:

  1. Empty and Air It Out: Start by removing all items and giving your luggage some fresh air.  Vacuum the interior, all pockets and corners.
  2. Spot Clean with Mild Soap: Soft-sided or hard, a gentle soap solution and a soft cloth work wonders on stains.  Wiping down with alcohol wipes adds another layer of safety.  Check an inconspicuous area of fabric bags for color fastness.
  3. Leather TLC: For that touch of luxury, moisturize leather trims with a specialized conditioner.
  4. Hard Shell Hygiene: Wipe down hard-sided luggage with a damp cloth. Easy, breezy!
  5. Wheel and Handle Love: Don’t forget the wheels and handles – they deserve attention too! A little lubrication goes a long way.  Cut free any debris and detritus that gets wedged in the wheel wells.
  6. Stain-resistant Tricks: Consider a fabric protector for soft-sided luggage to ward off spills.
  7. Odor Elimination: Use fabric fresheners or lavender sachets for a delightful, lasting fragrance.  Consider keeping a laundry drier sheet in your luggage for a nice scent.
  8. Tagging Along with Tags: Personalize with luggage tags for that extra flair and easy identification.
  9. Safety Check: Ensure zippers, locks, and handles are secure. Safety first, always!
  10.  Banish hitch hikers (bed bugs): Never store your luggage on hotel floors or beds.  Use luggage racks to be safe.

For more travel tips visit the CONMIGO Travel Blog.  Find Your Adventure and Stay Safe!