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TSA No and Go

March 29, 2024
TSA No and Go
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10 Things You Never Knew You Could Take on a Plane…TSA No and Go List

Meals on the Go

TSA has a very unique list of things they do and do not allow.  We all know the TSA carry on 3-1-1 rule…3.4 ounces or less per container, 1-quart size, clear plastic, zip top bag and 1 bag per passenger.  But what if you want to bring a fully cooked turkey or gold fish with you on board, is that permitted?  Yes, you can take a fully cooked meal of meat, seafood along with sides of veggies and even pie for dessert.  If you are planning on wine or soft cheese as your appetizer you will need to restrict yourself to 3.4 oz or less.

Personal Safety

At the time of writing this post, the Corona pandemic was still affecting travel habits.   TSA had relaxed their restrictions on personal hand sanitizer and were allowing up to 12 oz per passenger.  Before you leave for the airport, check for current regulations.  But what about other threats to your well-being?   Want to monitor your surroundings for other dangerous invisible threats like radiation?  You will be relieved to know that your Geiger counter can be brought on board or placed in your check luggage.

Rest and Relaxation

If your final destination is the floor of your in-laws and you refuse to sleep on the lumpy sofa bed one more time, you can bring your air mattress with built-in pump.  Best to check with your airlines for weight and size restrictions.  It will need to fit in the overhead compartment.  Does the family get together involve a sporting event like the annual family ‘swing-off’?  You will need to place your slugger in your checked bag. (

Emotionally Trying Times

Sadly, there are times when you need to transport your dearly departed cremains.  They are permitted in your carry-on bags but the urn should be a light weight material such as wood or plastic so the screening image is not obstructed.  Best to call your airlines before your departure.  Want to bring your beloved’s favorite flowers with you, TSA won’t stop you.  Need to bring your emotional support animal with you and it is a gold fish?  Never fret.  It can accompany you on your next flight but it will need to be restrained in a clear plastic bag with only 3.4 oz of water. (

Eco and Economics

Buying bottles of water once you have passed through TSA seems like such a waste of money and resources but you can’t bring water through a check point so what are you to do?  Bring an empty reusable water bottle or thermos and you can save hard cash and the environment.  Want icy cold water?  Filling your vessel with cubes of ice is legit.  Just leave your ice pick in your checked bags.

Want a full list of what the TSA will and will not allow?  Go to  Now you know what you can bring, where are you going to stow it so you can actually find it?  Carry ons are notorious for being luggage black holes.


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