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Three Things to Know When Buying Luggage

January 3, 2024
Three Things to Know When Buying Luggage
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The following is a reprint of an article by Crystal Lake Travel….
When it comes to shopping for luggage, the options can seem overwhelming. Before making your decision, here are three things to consider:

1. How you travel

Do you find flying is your preferred mode of transportation? For airplane travel, Consumer Reports recommends familiarizing yourself with luggage rules, such as the airline’s size and weight restrictions, for both checked and carry-on bags to help guide your decision. And make sure the measurements of your luggage accounts for all the parts, such as outer pockets, wheels and handles.

For road trips, soft-sided duffel bags and backpacks can help maximize trunk space.

Enjoy taking cruises? Consumer Reports suggests using flat, rigid luggage for easy stacking in the boat’s belly before departure.

2. Quality

Luggage tends to get tossed around quite a bit while in transit. Do you plan to purchase luggage with wheels? Check to ensure from the start they roll smoothly and stay in place.

The luggage handle should have little to no wiggling or rattling as you pull the bag, according to Consumer Reports, and it should move smoothly as you pull it up and retract it.

A broken luggage zipper can put a damper on your travels. To that end, Consumer Reports recommends that buyers first vet the zippers on the luggage to ensure it’s well made.

When it comes to material, a hard-sided suitcase is going to offer more protection for fragile items than a soft-sided bag. Soft-shell luggage can be stretched a bit to fit more items inside.

3. Capacity

Look for features that maximize space, such as interior pockets, dividers, and outside zip compartments. Travel experts recommend passing on luggage with wheels and a handle if you need as much packable space as possible.

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