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The ‘ULTI’-mate Weekend Packing List

January 14, 2024
The ‘ULTI’-mate Weekend Packing List
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The ‘ULTI’-mate Weekender Packing List

Escaping for a weekend whether to visit friends, Vegas or the shore can recharge your batteries and put a smile back on your face.  By limiting the stuff, you bring to a single carry-on bag keeps you nimble.  Now you can expend your energies making memories rather than schlepping luggage.

The ‘ULTI’ travel/laptop/messenger bag by CONMIGO is perfect when a backpack doesn’t meet your needs or style and can easily accommodate your belongings for a quick business or personal trip.  We all tend to pack way more than we need.  Here are some suggestions to pare down.  Modify your packing depending on time of year, planned activities and personal preferences.  Don’t fret over the packing, this is supposed to be a time for you to kick back and chill.


Go Digital

  • Take advantage of the cloud.  Upload documents to the cloud or onto your devices.
  • Use a service such as Tripit to keep track of your itinerary.  TripIt makes it easy to organize your travel in one place. (PRNewsFoto/TripIt)
  • Store a backup of important papers like your driver’s license, passport, visas on an encrypted app like Keeper Security (  A great place to store frequent flyer and credit card data in case you are offered an upgrade or you misplace your card.
  • Always bring along a pen and some paper.  It is amazing that even in this digital age, the need for these seemingly antiquated implements stay a constant.  The ‘ULTI’ bag has a dedicated compartment for papers, pens and small folders.


Cell Power

  • Travel with just your cell…The computer that you hold in your hand, your cell phone, has more power than all the computers that NASA possessed when it flew 2 astronauts to the moon in 1969!
  • Download apps for streaming, reading or playing your favorite online games.
  • No memory lapses….Be sure you have enough memory to shoot lots of images.  Download photos from your phone before leaving if you need to free up some space.
  • Power up…don’t forget a power bar and charging cords.  Being left without any juice in your device can be frustrating and downright dangerous.
  • Close at hand….the dedicated shoulder strap phone compartment of the ‘ULTI’ messenger bag keeps your phone close at hand for snapping a photo of your new favorite out of town restaurant or for hailing an Uber.


I love visiting family and friends for myriad reasons.  Not having to pack basic toiletries, ancillary clothing and accessories or heavy winter clothing are but a few.  Don’t be a mooch and rely totally on your host to keep you clothed and supplied during your stay.  You just may find that you aren’t asked back.

  • Pack a pair of pants
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Undies
  • Gym shorts that can double as PJs or bathing suit for guys
  • Bathing suit
  • Women-simple dress that can do double duty for day and night when a pretty scarf is added for night time pizazz
  • Guys-one pair of shoes work for any situation.  Women may want some dresser footwear
  • Flying, try wearing your bulkier items and shoes onto the plane.

Fashionista Vacation

  • Stick to colors and styles that you can mix and match.  If visiting your family…they have seen you looking worse. And anyone else…you’ll never see the folks again!


  • Remember 3-1-1…TSA limits passengers to a single 1-quart clear plastic bag filled with liquid, aerosols, creams and pastes that individually don’t exceed 3.4 oz (100 mls) each.  Purchase or borrow some of these items when you reach your destination. Utilize sample sizes of products you love or transfer liquids from larger bottles into leak proof travel safe containers.

It’s All in the Bag

The ‘UTLI’ messenger bag by CONMIGO keeps you organized, safe and comfortable no matter where your weekend adventures take you.  The 16 secured pockets let you stow your gear without fear of items being lost on the way.  The brightly colored lining ensure that you can find what you packed and it won’t get lost in the black hole of your bag.  The cross-body style keeps your hands free to hold onto what matters to you.  The built in multi purpose padded seat keeps your electronics safe, your bum/back and legs comfortable on flights, layovers or wherever you decide to take a load off.  It can also be removed from the bag if you need just a bit more extra packing space.

Start enjoying your weekend escapes to their utmost.  Take along the ‘ULTI’ messenger bag.  You know how you have traveled in the past.  Now travel the way you have always wanted.

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~CONMIGO – Come with Me on the Adventure That is Life~