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Stop Holiday Hostile Takeovers

December 12, 2023
Stop Holiday Hostile Takeovers
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No matter the season or occasion, there are times when travels take us to the homes of friends or relations.  Just because these folks are known to us, that does not give us the license to be intrusive house guests! A few simple measures from efficient packing to stealthy chore ninja moves, will keep you from being the guest that your host just tolerates, to one that will be welcomed back with open arms!

Consider how you can make the experience enjoyable for both you and your gracious hosts. One key element in this equation is try to impinge as little as possible on the host’s physical and personal space.

Strategic Packing

1.  Start by minimizing your impact on your host’s physical space. Pack efficiently, taking only what you need. Be mindful of your host’s preferences and the available space in their home. Instead of burdening them with excessive belongings, mix and match your clothing always works. They care about you and not what you wear.  Don’t weigh yourself down with lots of presents.  Focus on bringing thoughtful gifts or contributing to the festivities.

Pitch In Perfect

  1. Remember that actions speak louder than words. During your stay, be mindful of the household routine. Offer to help with chores, contribute to meals, or even take your hosts out for a treat. Your willingness to contribute will not only ease the burden on your host but also showcase your appreciation for their hospitality. Respect their privacy and space, giving them time to unwind.

Consider This…

  1. Keep your belongings neatly stored to minimize clutter and make their home feel less overwhelmed with your presence.  Keeping items that you will need frequently during your visit packed into a compact messenger bag like the ‘ULTI’ travel bag by CONMIGO is a fabulous way to stay organized and less obstrusive.

And when it’s time to leave, express your gratitude and leave your host’s space as you found it or even neater. Considerate behavior will ensure that you’re not just a tolerated guest but one that will be welcomed back.  Even if you have been visiting family or close friends, send a handwritten thank you note when you get home.  This small gesture goes a long way!