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Let’s Get Personal with Carry-ons

February 23, 2024
Let’s Get Personal with Carry-ons
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Have you ever marveled at what some people will consider to be their personal carry-on item (PI) at the airport?  A dorm room laundry sack filled with ‘whatever’ and it’s allowed, really!!!???

Airlines have lots of rules for carry-on luggage but rarely will you find any such regulations for one’s personal item.  A PI just means something you aren’t checking into the cargo belly of the plane.  And have you noticed the number of people who are checking their bags for FREE at the gate?  This is a great way to save money if your bag is small enough to make ti through TSA and you restrict your liquids to the requisite 3-3-1 rule.  In theory, your personal item should  be something you can stow under the seat in front of you…like your ‘ULTI’ bag by CONMIGO.

So what about all that other stuff you see being brought aboard…pillows, pets, enough food to feed the entirety of economy class?   Yup, they are fair game and will usually be allowed along with wedding dresses, blankets, medical devices and duty free purchases.

Common courtesy suggests that your PI easily fits under the seat and that it doesn’t encroach on your neighbors space.  Your PI is not meant to be placed in the overhead.  Some airlines are now charging extra for that space.

  • If you want more leg room, use an ‘ULTI’ bag.  The built-in pad cushions your bum as it positions the bag behind your legs increasing your personal space.
  • When in doubt about what is allowed…call your airlines before your arrival at the airport.
  • Be sure your personal item allows you to conveniently and securely access your stuff.  Who wants your items rolling down the aisle?

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Safe travels and find your adventure.
Bernadine, Vet,Entrepreneur, Traveler of Life, CEO CONMIGO