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Discover Little Known Local Treasures

March 10, 2024
Discover Little Known Local Treasures
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by Bernadine Cruz-veterinarian, entrepreneur, traveler of life, CEO CONMIGO

Eiffel Tower-check.  Great Wall of China-done.  Coliseum-got the t-shirt.  When we travel there are points of interest that are a must see. But don’t limit yourself to only the tourist tried and true.  Two of my favorite resources for finding unique, out of the way points of fascination are Atlas Obscura and Rick Steves Pocket Guides.

Atlas Obscura catalogs amazing and curious destinations throughout the world.  Before you venture out, research sites you can explore that often the locals aren’t even aware of.  Hidden under Market Street are Roman looking catacombs in Indianapolis-Market Street Catacombs.  Get a bird’s eye view of Manhattan, New York when you hop aboard the Roosevelt Island Tramway, one of two commercial tramways in the United States.  If the movie featuring the demonic doll ‘Chucky’ is your thing, you will go googley eyed over the very unsettling Isla de las Munecas outside of Mexico City.

I often travel solo.  Sightseeing with my friend Rick Steve is a must.  Download one of his many free narrated walking tours for cities throughout the world on your phone.  Now you have your own personal guide in your ear.