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Airline Seats and the Bottom Line

March 6, 2024
Airline Seats and the Bottom Line
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Today’s airline seats are basically unchanged from Boeing’s 1954 prototype. American’s however have widened more than the airline seats they are forced to wedge themselves into. Seats have stayed static at 17 to 18 inches. Talk to anyone who flew in the 60’s and they will likely tell you that flight wasn’t all that uncomfortable. Why? The bodies of those flyers were appreciably smaller that current passengers. Today’s average woman tips the scale at the same weight as a man in 1960 (166#) and a contemporary man now weighs 191#. It is not just width that has increased for these citizens, they have also become taller. No wonder passengers often feel like human pretzels when they disembark from any flight longer than an a short hop.

What can a flyer do to start enjoying travel again? How can they increase their inflight comfort? The ‘ULTI’ travel bag by CONMIGO helps any passenger to get that ‘First Class’ experience no matter where their seat is located. Who wouldn’t want more leg room? While seated on the ‘ULTI’s’ built-in pad, the bag is positioned behind your legs, This increases that all precious leg and personal space.