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If Not Now, When? Embrace the Solo Travel Adventure!

June 11, 2024
If Not Now, When? Embrace the Solo Travel Adventure!
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In recent years, solo travel has emerged as a powerful trend, especially among women. The question, “If not now, when?” resonates deeply with many, inspiring them to embark on solo adventures rather than waiting for a travel companion.

This trend is particularly noticeable among mature women, who are seizing the opportunity to explore the world on their own terms. Statistics reveal that 48% of females and 30% of males prefer to travel now rather than wait for someone to join them. This inclination towards solo travel allows individuals to explore who they are and expand their horizons.

Seasoned solo female travelers are often tech-savvy, active retirees, or working nomads. They are empowered by the freedom and independence that solo travel offers. Furthermore, this experience often results in a lasting positive impact. According to a survey by SAGA, 54% of travelers felt proud after their first solo trip, with this sentiment being stronger among women (58%) than men (44%). Moreover, 50% of respondents reported that others were impressed by their solo travel plans.

At CONMIGO, we celebrate these brave women who embrace solo travel. With our thoughtfully designed travel bags, we aim to support and enhance their journey, ensuring they travel in comfort, style and safely. The ‘ULTI’ Travel Bag enables every traveler to focus on the journey and not their gear.  So, if not now, when? The time to explore is now.