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How to Sanely Snack While Traveling

October 19, 2021
How to Sanely Snack While Traveling
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I am a stress and boredom eater.  Travel can induce both for me.  Now with of bit of planning I am bringing sensible snacks and other distractions for my time in transit.

If it isn’t easy to eat, flavorful and temperature stable I don’t pack it.  Avoid the chances of food poisoning and resist bringing foods that require refrigeration or ice packs.  TSA can be frustrating sticklers.  Sliced apples with a side of peanut butter in individual packets less than 3.4 oz will get you a thumbs up from the security officials but  a single sized carton of yogurt exceeds the weight limit and will be confiscated.  There goes your breakfast!  You can’t bring water through a TSA checkpoint but ice in a carry-on bottle is OK.  Go figure.  I guess explosive liquids can’t be frozen.  If you aren’t sure if your favorite treat will pass the mustard, check out this site.


Sane Snacks:Nuts and Cheese– Boiled and salted edamame (look for beans that have already been shucked in the freezer section of your market) are great for a short trip.  Cut up veggies and a small container (less than 3.4 oz) of hummus hits the spot when the munchies hit.  Ready to pop into your mouth fresh fruit is a perpetual favorite.  Whip up a batch of nut brittle ( for a salty/sweet nosh and be sure to tuck some dried fruit into your bag. Crave salt…bring a small reusable well sealed container of pickles and/or olives. Avoid alcoholic beverages and drink lots of water (your aisle mates will hopefully forgive you for repeat trips to the loo).


Distractions-Download a book or two on your favorite device (audio books are great if you have good earphones/buds) or go old school and take a real book.  And don’t forget to have a few apps of guilty pleasure/mind-numbing games on your phone or tablet to while away transit downtime.  Want some mental exercise?  Challenge your device to a game of chess or Yatzee.  Make the best of this quiet time.  Relish the freedom from emails and texts.  Take time to breath and enjoy your ‘me time’.