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Navigating Nature’s Call: Essential Outdoor Hygiene Tips for Women

January 3, 2024
Navigating Nature’s Call: Essential Outdoor Hygiene Tips for Women
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Navigating Nature’s Call: Outdoor Hygiene Tips for Women

In the realm of outdoor adventures, women encounter unique challenges when it comes to hygiene. Here’s how to handle the three P’s—peeing, pooping, and periods—with confidence.

Peeing Pointers:

Transition to New Tech: Embrace discretion with devices like GoGirl or SheWee for comfortable standing urination. Master the Old Tech: Drop your drawers, squat, and check wind direction for privacy. Choose Your Spot Wisely: Prioritize privacy and environmental responsibility, following Leave No Trace principles.  Pack out all of your hygiene products…keeping these soiled items sequestered in a dedicated spot is best.  Consider carrying a multi-compartment bag like the ‘ULTI’ messenger bag by CONMIGO.

Pooping Protocol:

Dig a Cat Hole: Bury waste and toilet paper at least 200 feet away from water sources.

Managing Menstruation:

Opt for Sustainable Solutions: Use eco-friendly menstrual cups or leak-proof period underwear. Pack Extra: Carry additional menstrual products and dispose of used items properly.

Cycle Consciousness:

Plan Around Your Cycle: Schedule outdoor adventures accordingly or consider hormonal birth control options. Stay Empowered: Share tips with fellow adventurers and maintain eco-conscious practices for nature preservation.

Empower yourself with knowledge and preparedness for outdoor excursions. Share these tips to foster a supportive environment for women in the wild. Remember, respect for nature and eco-conscious practices are essential for preserving the beauty of the outdoors.

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