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5 Ways to Stay Fit on the Road

March 7, 2024
5 Ways to Stay Fit on the Road
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We are all creatures of habit.  Time on the road can be unstructured and chaotic.  Eating, exercise and sleep routines can all be disrupted having disastrous effects on your health and enjoyment of your time away. Some simple planning can keep you fit and adventure ready.


1. Indulge in great food but within reason

One of the biggest pleasures of travel is savoring new foods and drink.  You just don’t need to do it at every meal.  With breakfast buffets often being included in the cost of your lodging, it seems only logical to have your plate runneth over.  If you want your AM meal to be your main source of calories for the day, so be it.  But decide which meal you want to be your primary repast and eat well but not excessively.  If you can find accommodations with a kitchen, all the better.  Preparing light fare can save your waistline and pocket book.


2. Stride into great memories…

If you have ever suffered from a blister on top of a blister on your foot, you know how each step can be excruciating.  Investing in proper footwear will repay you many times over.  Consult with a footwear specialist.  Some of their offerings may look like something your geriatric relatives might wear but having happy feet makes for a happy traveler.  You can dazzle folks you meet with what you are wearing from the knees up.   Be sure to break in the shoes long before you head out.  Moisture wicking socks and blister bandages should round out your foot covering needs.


3. Exercising on the road…

You are on vacation.  Who wants to exercise?  But seating in cramped airline, bus or train seats can cause your legs to cramp up.  Backs can seize up after hours of business meetings.  Stress and unfamiliar beds/pillows can lead to pounding headaches.  By packing some simple resistance bands and downloading some stretching/exercise videos on your electronic gadgets can ease your aches and pains and keep you ready for anything your trip my bring your way.


4. Sleep on it…

There is so much to see and do that sleeping seems like a waste of time.  Besides, you can always catch up on sleep when you get home!  Not a good idea.  Changes in time zones, different bedding and daily activities can make getting to sleep and staying asleep a major challenge.  Be sure to pack ear plugs, eye shades and experiment with sleep aids before you pack your bags.  If the sound of humanity coming from the room next door keeps you tossing and turning all night, download an app like ‘White Noise Lite’.  Consult your physician before trying over the counter remedies like melatonin. If you find that they aren’t helpful, your doctor may need to prescribe a sleeping aid.


5. Follow the scout’s motto and be prepared…

If you are a couch potato and your trip is going to involve a lot of walking or schlepping your luggage all over town, getting involved in activities that mirror what you will be doing before you hit the road is a smart move.  Do your homework and discover what type of terrain you will encounter.  Recreate the topography at home.  Gradually make your outings longer and your load heavier.  Improve your luggage experience by using a cross body bag like the ‘ULTI’ messenger bag by CONMIGO.  It helps to appropriately distribute the weight of your gear.  This decreases the chances of back strain.

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Travel safe!