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March 16, 2024
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When to Check or Carry On Your Luggage….

Bernadine Cruz, DVM, CEO/Founder CONMIGO , Aug 2023

You likely have heard of the major luggage snafus at airports worldwide.  CNN Business reports that Heathrow airport in England has suggested that carriers stop issuing tickets until September of this year because it is overwhelmed.  Checking luggage or restricting yourself to carry on only has pros and cons.

  • Kids and Pets-You have enough to concentrate on when you are traveling with these companions. Add in a car seat, stroller and any parent/guardian will quickly run out of hands.  Even if you have an older child to help you out, these sweethearts can get distracted and forgetful of items put in their charge.  Do yourself a favor…check your bag and use a cross-body messenger bag to keep your hands free to hold onto what is important to you.


  • Fashion forward or casual commuter-If the thought of leaving for a weekend getaway without at least 4 outfits a day and shoes for each outfit, checking your bags is a must. Long business trips may also necessitate more clothing options.  Cold weather can also be challenging with the bulkier fashions. Using packing cubes, color coordinating your wardrobe, being creative with mix and match and using a well thought out underseat bag like the ‘ULTI’ travel bag by CONMIGO can make carry on a breeze.


  • Layovers-Checked luggage can set you free when you have a long layover. Rather than being stuck at an airport being tethered to your bags, checked luggage allows you to roam the concourse or escape the terminal and explore the city.  Close connections can make the run through the airport a nightmare.  Yes, the airlines may not get your bag on your next leg of the journey but at least you made it.


  • Cost Considerations-If you are offered free checked luggage, go for it! Some airline credit cards have checked luggage perks.  Read the fine print.  If you have found the deal of the century, there may be restrictions on carry on and you can only check luggage or be charged for carry on.  Because carriers have to pay for prime locations in a terminal, budget airlines often get gates that are far from security check points and may require that you transverse stairs with your bags.  Save your back and your sanity by handing over your luggage from the start.


Other considerations are the quantity of liquids that you need to bring, are you planning on going on a shopping spree, a larger and partially packed checked bag will be better choice for you.  No matter if you check or carry-on, always identification in and on your bag.  Taking photos of the contents of your bag and contents is another great tip in case you are separated from your bag.

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