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Things You Can Take on a Plane

April 27, 2024
Things You Can Take on a Plane
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  1. Unusual Items Allowed by TSA: Exploring Beyond the Norm

    Discover what unique items you can bring on board with TSA’s regulations and some handy tips for hassle-free travel.

    TSA Rules: Exploring the Limits

    Learn about TSA’s 3-1-1 rule and discover surprising allowances for fully cooked meals and emotional support animals. Yes, you can bring a support goldfish but it needs to meet the 3-1-1 rule.

    Adapting to the Times: Pandemic Impact

    During the pandemic, TSA relaxed restrictions on hand sanitizers, allowing up to 12 oz per passenger.

    Monitoring for Invisible Threats: Geiger Counters Allowed

    You can bring a Geiger counter on board to monitor radiation levels, ensuring your safety.

    Comfort in Transit: Bringing Your Air Mattress

    Escape lumpy sofa beds by bringing an air mattress with a built-in pump, but check airline restrictions.

    Sporting Equipment: Heading to the Game

    Sporting equipment like baseball bats must be checked in, not carried on board.

    Transporting Cremains: Respectful Guidelines

    Transport cremains in carry-on bags with lightweight urns, ensuring clear screening images.

    Stay Hydrated: Be Eco-Conscious

    Avoid buying water post-security by bringing an empty reusable bottle or thermos to fill with ice.

    Organizing Your Carry-On: Finding Order in Chaos

    Choose luggage like the ‘ULTI’™ messenger bag by CONMIGO® with vibrant interiors and secured pockets for effortless organization.

    Conclusion: Travel Smart, Travel ‘ULTI’™

    Get the ‘ULTI’-mate messenger bag today for seamless and organized carry-on travel.

For a full list of what TSA will and won’t allow, go to