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Preventing the Strains and Pains of Travel

January 11, 2024
Preventing the Strains and Pains of Travel
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Sitting for hours in a car, train, bus or plan can leave you feeling like a human pretzel.  Aching back, neck and legs can not only make the journey a pain but can ruin a fabulous vacation or keep you from being at your best for that important meeting. Here are some simple ways to ensure that you keep moving with ease after your next trek and help prevent strain and pain from travel.


Mind Your Time

Get up and move no matter what mode of transportation you are subjected to.  Sitting too long can cause everything from stiff muscles to potentially deadly blood clots.  Stretching is best done standing.  Try a trip to the loo and do some side stretches, arms over head and side bends.  Stuck at a window seat and can’t get out…do leg circles, twerking in your seat to some fun music, bring your knees to your chest…don’t worry if you get strange looks from your aisle mate…chances are you will never see them again.


Power Lifting

You may hate to ask for help maneuvering your luggage into the overhead.  Your options are to just suck it up and ask or next time practice packing light.  If you do need to lift something heavy, squat down deeply, focus the weight in your heels and lift with your legs and you are less likely to strain your body.


Pillow Talk


Some people can sleep anywhere.  Others need their special binky and pillow.  In a pinch try rolling up your jacket or other piece of clothing and wrap it around your neck, place it at the small of your back or under your knees to help alleviate strain..  Travel with a deflated beach ball.  After a few puffs, it makes a great pillow, back support or foot rest.


Built for Comfort

The ‘ULTI’ travel bag by CONMIGO is quickly becoming a new favorite travel essential.  The only bag with a built multi purpose detachable pad.  Seated on the pad cushions and helps prevent pain in your back, bum and legs and positions the bag behind your legs thereby freeing up precious leg space.  Detached you can use it as a pillow for your lower back or neck.  Light weight and sturdy.  Cross body option ergonomically lessens stress on your back and shoulders.

Start Enjoying Travel Again!  Order yours today.