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Flying Through Airport Queues

April 2, 2024
Flying Through Airport Queues
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Streamlining Your Airport Experience: Tips for Faster Queues

You’re all set for your adventure, but navigating airport queues can be a hassle. Here’s how to breeze through:

1. Check Google Wait Times

Search for TSA Wait Times at your departure airport to gauge the facility’s busyness.

2. Invest in Expedited Security

Purchase TSA Precheck, Global Entry, or Clear for dedicated faster lines and fewer hassles.

3. Dress Wisely

Opt for lace-free shoes and avoid flashy clothes that may trigger TSA screening devices.

4. Manage Luggage Weight

Check your luggage weight at home and wear heavier items on the flight. Use an empty pillowcase for overweight items.

5. Pack Snacks and Water

Avoid pricey airport restaurants by bringing your own snacks and a reusable water bottle.

6. Stay Organized

Keep travel documents on your phone and consider using encrypted services like Keeper. Utilize a carry-on messenger bag like the ‘ULTI’™ by CONMIGO® for organization and convenience.


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