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Failure to Connect

February 20, 2024
Failure to Connect
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A missed connection can’t always be avoided but the following tips can help-

  1. Stay in the know-if you know your upcoming connection is tight, splurge with inflight internet to get updates on weather and any expected delays. Familiarize yourself with your arrival airport and gate assignments.
  2. Make your needs known-Let gate agents and flight attendants know of your concerns with connection timing. They may be able to change your seats or at least make an announcement at landing that some passengers need to get out quickly.
  3. It is all about timing-booking early in the day can be helpful. Not having any connections is even better….try to get a nonstop or at least stay on the same carrier.
  4. Checking out-carry-on luggage can be a game changer. Keeping your belongings with you at all times will speed up transitioning from one leg of a trip to the next. Using the ‘ULTI’ bag by CONMIGO will keep you comfortable, organized, safe and quick on your feet.
  5. Call waiting-if you do miss a connection, likely you will end up in a long line of other disgruntled passengers. Get in line ASAP. Get on the phone to the airlines simultaneously.
  6. Options-OK you missed your flight, now what? Be polite but firm. You have to be your own advocate.  Ask to be booked on the next available flight.   If your airline has not flights, ask to be booked on another airlines.  Each company have their own rules and regulations but a good attitude can often bring miracles.