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Messenger Bag vs Backpack for Business Travel

February 25, 2024
Messenger Bag vs Backpack for Business Travel
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Traveling for business, which to carry, a messenger bag vs. a backpack?  Travel might mean jumping into your car and driving from client to client.  Or you may be trekking cross country. Which piece of luggage you decide on , a messenger bag or a backpack, can hinge on your age, and your personal style.  The product you are representing?  How many items do you need to have on hand?  Have any physical limitations? Here are 5 tips to help you decide what is best for you.

  1. Appearance Count: Messenger bags imbue a more professional appearance.  But casual is now the norm in many board rooms.  Starting your career?  Trying to stand apart from the crowd?  A messenger bag could be your ticket to a corner office.  A leather bag could be too stuffy.  A  sharp nylon one shows the boss that you are current and focused.


  1. Orderly Bag/Orderly Mind: Back packs  load from the top.  They however turn into the black bottomed abyss. Yes, you can stuff a great deal of items into them but when you can’t find what you need because it has become lost in your bag can be a deal breaker.


  1. Weighty Matters: Messenger bags with their single strap design can better distribute the weight of the bag vs. a backpack that can strain your back.   Schlepping your ‘office in a bag’ around all day, shouldn’t exhaust and damage your health.  Want options?  Consider a messenger bag that can convert to a classic briefcase by the simple removal of the shoulder strap and is more ergonomic.


  1. On Guard: You need to protect your laptop, papers, and sales materials at all times. The loss or damage to these items can cause you to lose a sale.  Your computer is your life line to the home office.  Some backpacks have padded sleeves for laptops but accessing the device can be trying.  A messenger bag with a dedicated device compartment can make you more efficient.


  1. Crowd Control: You can better controlled a messenger bag rather than a backpack when you are on packed public transit or making your way through crowded streets. Some backpacks have security zippers to deter pickpockets.  Messenger bags are less worrisome in these circumstances because the bag can be held tight  to the front of your body.


The ‘ULTI’ messenger bag from CONMIGO is perfect when a backpack doesn’t fit your needs or style.  This re-engineered bag provides Comfort, Organization and Safety.  It is the only bag on the market with a built-in multi-function padded portfolio that serves as a cushion for your bum while in transit or wherever you need to have a seat plus a TSA approved electronics sleeve ensuring that your laptop or tablet is never left behind.  It is detachable enabling you to use it as a compact office on the go.  While sitting on the pad that is attached to the bag with sturdy straps, the bag is nested securely behind your legs.  No more worries about someone rifling through your bag as it hangs on the back of your chair. Messenger bag or backpack?  You decide.