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Tips for Determining the Best Time to Fly

January 21, 2024
Tips for Determining the Best Time to Fly
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At CONMIGO Travel Bag, we understand that optimizing every aspect of your travel experience is crucial.  Lots goes into determining when is the best time to fly. Early morning flights wins hands down for several reason. While it might be tempting to sleep in, rising with the sun is a smarter travel choice.

1. Trouble with Turbulence: The friendly skies are much more forgiving and less bumpy in the early morning. Thunderstorms can cause turbulence, bounce you around and may even cause flight cancellations.  They are more likely to occur in the mid-afternoon. By choosing the morning, you’ll experience less turbulence and set off in a serene atmosphere with friendlier staff, setting the tone for a relaxed journey.

2. Great Chance for a Successful Plan B: Early morning flights come with a lower chance of delays compared to later in the day. Even if a flight is delayed, you have more time in the day to compensate for the dreaded domino effect.  Morning delays are more manageable, with airlines employing effective strategies like swapping aircraft or canceling rotations.  And by only using carry-on luggage like the ‘ULTI’ messenger bag by CONMIGO, you will be more nimble in  by not checking any bags,

3. How Much is Your Sleep Worth?: Save money by booking a flight before 9 a.m.   You can save you approximately 15% compared to other times of the day. For international flights, morning departures translate to significant cost savings.  Sleep or cash..the choice is yours.

4. Cranky Crew: You know how you feel after a tough day.  Your flight crew feels the same way.  A well-rested and mentally alert crew can make a trip much more enjoyable and safer. Morning flights mean crews are rested and refreshed…bring it on!

5. Flotsam and Jetsam: Early morning flights guarantee a cleaner cabin environment. Planes are usually thoroughly cleaned and disinfected overnight.  You can avoid potential surprises left behind by previous passengers.  But bring along some disinfecting wipes and use them on all surfaces you are going to touch…to be safe!

Bottom Line: Set That Early Alarm! While waking up early might seem inconvenient, the undeniable benefits of booking an early morning flight make it a worthwhile choice. From minimized turbulence to cost savings and a refreshed crew, the advantages extend beyond the inconvenience of an early morning check-in. CONMIGO Travel Bag recommends considering the early bird option for a seamless travel experience that leaves you with more memories and fewer worries. Ready to catch that worm of a flight? Your adventure awaits!