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Travel Scams

April 21, 2023
Travel Scams
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Unfortunately, there are many travel scams out there that can ruin your trip and leave you feeling cheated. Here are some of the most common travel scams and how to avoid them:

  1. Fake ticket sellers: This scam involves someone selling fake tickets to popular attractions or events. To avoid this scam, only purchase tickets from reputable sources and avoid buying from street vendors.
  2. Overpriced taxis: Taxis are a common mode of transportation for tourists, and scammers may take advantage of this by charging exorbitant prices. Before taking a taxi, research the average fare and negotiate the price beforehand.
  3. “Free” gifts: You may be approached by someone offering you a “free” gift or souvenir, but they will likely ask for money in return. Politely decline the offer and walk away.
  4. Pickpocketing: Pickpockets are prevalent in crowded tourist areas. Using the ‘ULTI’ bag by CONMIGO can help you to avoid becoming a victim.  Keeping your valuables close to your body with the ‘ULTI’s  crossbody design helps deter others accessing your bag.
  5. ATM scams: Scammers may place skimming devices on ATMs to steal your card information. To avoid this scam, only use ATMs in well-lit, public areas, and cover your hand when entering your PIN.
  6. Fake accommodations: Scammers may create fake listings on popular booking websites or offer accommodations that don’t exist. Research the property and read reviews before booking.
  7. Fake police officers: Scammers may pose as police officers and ask to see your passport or wallet. Ask for identification before handing over any documents, and if you’re unsure, go to the nearest police station.
  8. Currency exchange scams: Some exchange services may charge high fees or give you less money than you’re entitled to. Research exchange rates and use reputable exchange services.

By being aware of these common travel scams and taking precautions, you can avoid falling victim to them and enjoy a safe and stress-free trip.