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Flying Through Airport Queues

June 2, 2023
Flying Through Airport Queues
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You’re packed, details arranged, excitement mounting, adventures a flight away.  Navigating airport queues make lines at Disneyland look short in comparison.  With a few tricks you can fly through airport queues and be on your way.

  1. Google Wait Times– Searchk Google for TSA Wait Times for your departure airport. This can give you an idea of how busy the facility may be.
  2. Pay for the Privilege-Purchase TSA Pre-check, Global Entry or Clear. You have a faster dedicated line.  Less hassles by not having to remove items from your luggage or clothing.  Premium credit cards often offer complimentary registration with these services.
  3. Dress Strategically-Forget shoes with laces, wear your blingy clothes once you arrive (sequins, lots of zippers and metal adornments set off TSA screening devices).
  4. Weight Matters-If you are checking luggage, check the weight with an inexpensive luggage scale at home. Wear your heavier clothes and shoes on the flight.  If your bag needs to go on a crash diet, bring an empty pillow case with you.  You can stuff it with your heavy items that won’t trigger screening restrictions.  Pillows aren’t counted towards your personal carry-on limits.
  5. Snack Attacks-Airport restaurants usually have long wait times to be seated and charge a premium for their ‘so-so’ fare. Bring your own empty, reusable water bottle, snacks and protein bars.
  6. Stay Organized-Save time and angst by keeping your travel documents on your phone (I still bring a paper back up just in case my phone gets lost). Photo of your passport, credit cards, and other important documents can be safely stored with encrypted services like Keeper (  Using a carry-on boarding bag like the ‘ULTI’™ by CONMIGO® can be a game changer.  Lightweight, crossbody, tons of secured compartment and pockets so you can find what you’ve packed.

Get your ‘ULTI’™ messenger bag today.  Your next trip will go much smoother.  (


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