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Brush Up on Your Airport Navigation Skills

April 3, 2023
Brush Up on Your Airport Navigation Skills
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When was the last time you navigated an airport?  Do you remember all of your little tricks for breezing through security?  Here is a brief refresher-

* Give yourself lots of time.  Airports are busy again.  Families are traveling for the summer.  All of this can result in very slow lines.  Sign up or renew your TSA pre-check or Global Entry.  Expediting security check points is well worth the investment.

* Have all your documents in order.  I always print out my boarding passes.  When your phone runs out of juice or the internet connect is spotty, you will be glad.

*  Can’t remember how much liquid you can bring onboard?  Are knitting needles or your Swiss Army knife going to cause issues?  Check out

* What you wear can slow you down.  Rhinestones, zippers even heavy jewelry can set off metal detectors.  Leave you bling in your luggage, dress comfortably and check your socks for holes…you will likely need to take off your shoes!