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5 Essentials that Can Save a Trip

October 12, 2021
5 Essentials that Can Save a Trip
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Pack These NOW!!!!

Traveling and staying organized, comfortable and safe can be challenging. By planning ahead and keeping some simple items at hand can keep your journey less of a hassle. The CONMIGO® ‘ULTI’™ travel bag ( and your 5 essentials allow you to enjoy the adventure whether it be for business or pleasure.

It’s a Wrap-Shoes leaving your flatfooted and sporting blisters? Toss a few of these beauties into your carry-on and reach for them the first tingle of a blister.

Shout Out for Safety-Mom wouldn’t approve of where your travels have taken you. A personal safety device like a screamer attached to your ‘ULTI’ bag releases an ear piercing sound. Many units come with a built-in flash light.                            


Take Charge-Running out of juice can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Always keep a portable battery charger and cables with you.

Potions and Powders-An aspirin or antacid can make or break a trip. Find small sealed packets of the most commonly needed medications. Stash them in your bag for relief wherever needed. 

Go Old School-Sometimes a piece of paper, pen/pencil can save the day. Jot down notes, give directions or just capture the moment.